July 01, 2012

Beatles Live in Paris 06-20-1965

This has to be one of their best performances and one of my favorites. Enjoy.

Thirty nine years to the day prior to McCartney’s show in St. Petersburg (and 47 years ago today), The Beatles played 2 concerts at the Palais de Sportes in Paris, France on June 20, 1965. The Paris shows were the first of a 9 date, 15 concert European tour, the last time the Beatles would play live on that continent. The set lists for the 2 shows included several songs from their most recent album, Beatles For Sale, released back in December 1964 in the UK. Many of the songs on that album were covers, as the Beatles were short of new material at the time. In the US, that album was split into 2 discs, Beatles ’65 and Beatles VI, as Capitol Records, mistakenly felt that the band’s material wasn’t suited to the US Market. All 3 discs went to number 1 on the charts. Interestingly, right before they left for this tour, The Beatles spent 4 days in the studio working on their next disc. That album, entitled Help, would feature almost all new material with only 2 covers, the last time the band ever recorded a composition that they didn’t write. In addition to the title track, Help would feature a tune that would become the most recorded song in Yesterday. The album would be the precursor to such landmark records as Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt Pepper’s, The White Album and Abbey Road. Download this soundboard recording of their Paris concerts, therefore, to hear the Beatles on the cusp of taking rock in directions no one had ever imagined. By the way - the date on the artwork is incorrect.

The Beatles
Palais Des Sports
Paris, France
Soundboard Recording
320 kbps
Artwork Included

Afternoon Show
01. Twist And Shout
02. She's A Woman
03. Can't Buy Me Love
04. I'm A Loser
05. I Wanna Be Your Man
06. A Hard Day's Night
07. Baby's In Black
08. Rock And Roll Music
09. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
10. I Feel Fine
11. Ticket To Ride
12. Long Tall Sally

Evening Show
13. Twist And Shout
14. She's A Woman
15. I'm A Loser
16. Can't Buy Me Love
17. Baby's In Black
18. I Wanna Be Your Man
19. A Hard Day's Night
20. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
21. Rock And Roll Music
22. I Feel Fine
23. Ticket To Ride
24. Long Tall Sally

Date on artworks wrong!

The Beatles - 1965-06-20 - Paris, France (SBD)

You can get it here: http://so-many-roads-boots.blogspot.com/2012/06/beatles-1965-06-20-paris-france-sbd.html

You can also watch videos of this performance on uTube here: