April 19, 2014

Upcoming new underground Shea releases

Upcoming new release of the 1965 Shea Stadium material sounds promising. LP version depicted.

The word is out that the underground (= bootleg) label HMC (His Master's Choice) is due to release a number of interesting new Beatles products in the near future and that it will all start with a Shea Stadium film in the same quality as the few clips Apple let us see in their Anthology DVDs. We are talking about two different products here:
  • A "HMC Gazette" with a DVD + CD
  • A 12" Vinyl LP + CD package with a colour poster
Rumoured is that the DVD contains the unreleased 2005 stereo remaster of the film commissioned by Apple. The audio contents are not known at the time of writing. HMC (formerly known as Yellow Dog) is primarily known for audio only bootlegs, but they recently released their first DVD (the Delaney & Bonnie concert from Copenhagen), so this new Shea will be their second DVD release. Further DVD releases of rare Beatles stuff is expected from the company in the next few months.

Due to the fact that "The Beatles At Shea Stadium" never has been released in an official capacity except for a few clips from the film used in documentaries, the film keeps being exploited by various bootleggers as well as being traded among fans. The undoctored soundtrack was leaked to the Beatlesfan community a few years ago and has been frequently used as a secondary soundtrack to bootleg DVDs of the film.

Below is a clip of "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" was used to promote a collection of Capitol Albums in 2007.

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Bonus Clip: Beatles "Can't Buy Me Love" from Shea Stadium