June 12, 2020

The Lost Album Box Set Bootleg Series - 30 CDs Remastered

The Beatles Lost Album series started with 6 CDs, then was expanded to 14 CDs, with additional volumes added. A Boxed set of 30 CDs was also released. Sound is excellent with noise reduction and pitch correction. Some of this material has been released before, others are new, with partial takes merged together.

"The Beatles - The Lost Album - 2017 - 320 kbps - Bootleg - Extended Edition (6 CDS) NOT FOR SALE! Amazing rare and ultra rare unreleased Beatles songs. This is the best Beatles Bootleg so far, on best quality. The album had a great production and sounds like a George Martin/Jeff Lynne's production (as in the sensitivity to choose tracklist order, fix tracks, clean up, tracks transitions, cover art, etc.). The collection is incredibly complete of unreleased Beatles tracks (only few songs were left out: some covers/blues/jam with low quality-performance production). In short: unlike most bootlegs that are just a put together rarities, this album is very well-architected in its concept and you feel the pleasure of listening to a "lost classic Beatles album".

(because it is a bootleg (not for sale) I believe that there is no problem posting the download link here (if it is not allowed, I apologize to the administrators, just delete the link, but keep the topic, because what matters is the general knowledge of the album).


CD 1.

01. Free As A Bird (4:24)

02. Not Guilty (3:32)

03. Real Love (3:53)

04. Come And Get It (2:29)

05. Goodbye (2:24)

06. Christmas Time (Is Here Again) (3:03)

07. Sour Milk Sea (Edit) (3:54)

08. Step Inside Love (3:30)

- Los Paranoias

09. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (Cover) (1:58)

10. What's The New Mary Jane (7:05)

- St. Louis Blues (Cover)

11. There You Are, Eddie (4:52)

- Can You Take Me Back?

12. Shake Rattle And Roll (Cover) (2:00)

13. Three Cool Cats (Cover) (1:49)

14. Jessie's Dream (17:19)

- I Look Out The Window

- Suicide

- Heather

- Paul's Piano Piece

- A Case Of The Blues

- Adagio For Strings (Cover)

- The Way You Look Tonight

- Gone Tomorrow Here Today

- Isn't It A Pity

- Mama You Been On My Mind (Cover)

CD 2.

01. Junk (2:24)

02. All Things Must Pass (Acoustic) (1:58)

03. Child Of Nature (2:37)

04. Teddy Boy (3:18)

05. Down In Havana (4:25)

- Honey Pie

- We Can Work It Out

- Dehra Dun

- Los Paranoias

06. I Lost My Little Girl (3:03)

07. Suzy Parker (2:00)

08. Shirley's Wild Accordion (1:54)

09. 12-Bar Original (2:54)

10. Because I Know You Love Me So (5:18)

- A Beginning

- Because I Know You Love Me So

- Adagio For Strings (Cover)

- Yellow Submarine in Pepperland

11. Eleanor Rigby (Strings) (2:06)

12. Circles (2:10)

13. The Palace of the King of the Birds (6:37)

- The Walk (Cover)

- Blue Suede Shoes (Cover)

14. Apple Jam (2:20)

15. Ain't She Sweet (Cover) (2:08)

16. Across The Universe (Band) (2:44)

17. All Things Must Pass (Band) (2:55)

18. Watching Rainbows (Edit) (4:01)

CD 3.

01. He Said, He Said (25:24)

- On the Bed

- Love In The Open Air

- The Back Seat Of My Car

- Look At Me

- The Magicians

- When I Was A Robber

- Las Vegas Tune

- Hi Ho Silver (Cover)

- Chi Chi Cha

- Song Of Love

- Gimme Some Truth

- I Lost My Little Girl

- How Do You Do

- In The Middle Of An Island (Cover)

- Save The Last Dance For Me (Cover)

- High Heeled Sneakers (Cover)

- Oh My Love

- Two Virgins

- He Said, He Said

- Everyone Had a Hard Year

02. Dig It (23:32)

- Maggie Mae (Traditional)

- Cold Turkey

- Brazil

- Give Peace A Chance

- Dig It

- Oh Yoko

- Dig It

- Theme From The Family Way

- Woman is the N—r of the World

- Hear Me Lord

- Every Night

- I'd Have You Anytime

- Another Day

- Nowhere To Go

- Every Night

- Woman is the N—r of the World

- Happy Xmas

- Give Chance A Peace

- Dig It

03. River Rhine (13:10)

- Hello Dolly (Cover)

- Sure To Fall In Love with You (Cover)

- Dolly (Cover)

- I Fancy Me Chances

- Spiritual Regeneration

- Kansas City /Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Cover)

- River Rhine

- "The Threetles Medley":

Thinking of Linking

Baby, What Do You Want Me to Do (Cover)

Ain't She Sweet (Cover)

04. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Cover) (5:51)

- Madman (Edit)

05. Now and Then (Collage) (3:03)

06. Every Mother Comes Anytime (Collage) (0:42)

CD 4: The Beginning.

01. If You've Got Troubles (2:22)

02. That Means A Lot (2:28)

03. Leave My Kitten Alone (Cover) (2:58)

04. Love Of The Loved (1:49)

05. Bad To Me (2:09)

06. I'll Be On My Way (2:00)

07. One And One Is Two (1:56)

08. Hello Little Girl (1:41)

09. Three Cool Cats (Cover) (2:26)

10. September In The Rain (Cover) (1:57)

11. Ain't She Sweet (Cover) (2:15)

12. Reeperbahn Bop (3:06)

13. Take Good Care Of My Baby (Cover) (2:29)

14. Cry For A Shadow (2:24)

15. Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Cover) (2:04)

16. To Know Her Is To Love Her (Cover) (2:37)

17. Catswalk (1:24)

18. I'm In Love (2:13)

- It's For You

- A World Without Love

19. Johnny B Goode (Cover) (2:51)

20. Memphis, Tennessee (Cover) (2:22)

21. Lucille (Cover) (1:50)

22. Too Much Monkey Business (Cover) (2:04)

23. Like Dreamers Do (2:35)

24. Besame Mucho (Cover) (2:34)

25. You Know What To Do (1:58)

26. Don't Ever Change (Cover) (2:02)

27. Cayenne (2:29)

28. That'll Be The Day (Cover) (12:46)

- I Will Always Be In Love With You (Cover) (hidden track)

- Wild Cat (Cover) (hidden track)

- You Must Write Every Day (hidden track)

- Somedays (hidden track)

- Well Darling (hidden track)

29. In Spite Of All The Danger (2:44)

30. You'll Be Mine (1:38)

CD 5: (Bonus Disc).

01. Lend Me Your Comb (Cover) (1:49)

02. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Cover) (2:02)

03. The Honeymoon Song (Cover) (1:39)

04. The Hippy Hippy Shake (Cover) (1:46)

05. Lonesome Tears in My Eyes (Cover) (2:36)

06. Searchin' (Cover) (1:03)

07. The Shiek Of Araby (Cover) (1:02)

08. I Just Don't Understand (Cover) (1:46)

09. That's All Right (Mama) (Cover) (2:32)

10. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (Cover) (2:16)

11. I Got A Woman (Cover) (2:33)

12. Sure To Fall (Cover) (2:04)

13. Ooh! My Soul (Cover) (1:37)

14. So How Come (Cover) (1:55)

15. Some Other Guy (Cover) (2:01)

16. Sweet Little Sixteen (Cover) (2:21)

17. I Got To Find My Baby (Cover) (1:57)

18. Glad All Over (Cover) (1:52)

19. Carol (Cover) (2:36)

20. Young Blood (Cover) (1:55)

21. Clarabella (Cover) (2:39)

22. Nothin' Shakin' (Cover) (2:59)

23. Beautiful Dreamer (Cover) (1:46)

24. I'm Talking About You (Cover) (1:52)

25. Dream Baby (Cover) (1:59)

26. I Forgot To Remember To Forget (Cover) (2:06)

27. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Cover) (2:31)

28. Soldier Of Love (Cover) (1:59)

29. Shout (Cover) (1:01)

30. Hallelujah I Love Her So (Cover) (2:27)

- That's When Your Heartaches Begin (Cover) (hidden track)

31. Star Club (17:44)

- Red Sails In The Sunset (Cover)

- Be-Bop-A-Lula (Cover)

- Where Have You Been All My Life (Cover)

- Your Feet's Too Big (Cover)

- Hallelujah I Love Her So (Cover)

- Little Queenie (Cover)

- Falling In Love Again (Cover)

- Shimmy Shake (Cover)

- I Remember You (Cover)

- Reminiscing (Cover)

- Sheila (Cover)

- Red Hot (Cover)

CD 6: (Bonus Disc).

01. Gnik Nus (17:15)

- Magica Mellotron Music

- I Look Out The Window

- Her Majesty

- While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Acoustic)

- Gnik Nus

- Tomorrow Never Knows /Within You Without You

- Hot As Sun

- How Do You Tell Someone

- Take This Hammer/Long Lost John (Cover)

- Cat Mama/Black Dog Blues (Cover)

- Singing The Blues (Cover)

02. Let It Back (20:32)

- Rock And Roll Music (Cover)

- I'll Wait Till Tomorrow

- High-Heel Sneakers (Cover)

- Won't You Please Say Goodbye

- Miss Ann/Kansas City /Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Cover)

- Penina

- Good Rockin Tonite (Cover)

- Too Bad About Sorrows

- Jessie's Dream

- He Said, He Said

- The Palace of the King of the Birds

- Ramblin Woman

- The Palace of the King of the Birds

03. I Told You Before (28:48)

- Michael Row The Boat Ashore (Cover)

- Taking a Trip To Carolina

- Short Fat Fanny (Cover)

- Hey Little Girl (Cover)

- I Told You Before

- All I Want Is You

- Jenny Jenny Slippin And Slidin (Cover)

- Twenty Flight Rock (Cover)

- Bring It On Home To Me (Cover)

- One Blue

- Los Paranoias

- Crying Waiting Hoping (Cover)

- Apple Jam

04. Revolution 20 (12:57)

- Because (A Capella)

- Fields

- I'm Only Sleeping (Instrumental)

- Revolution 1

- A Day In The Life

- Revolution 1

'The Lost Album' was born from the idea of gathering for the first time all the Beatles unreleased compositions, performed by themselves, as well as cover versions that were not included in any official album.

Many of these tracks come from demos, home recordings, rehearsals, etc, so the original quality is low. In this album we try to improve the audio quality as much as possible, recovering audio drops, fixing technical problems, recording failures and so on.

Software tools have been used to clean, remaster and enhance the tracks, without ever losing the fidelity of their originals. Short and unfinished songs were sewn into each other, with soft transitions, resulting in a more consistent track.

The overdubs and collages used were extracted from original Beatles material.

Notes 1:

Six-CD box set compilation of Beatles unreleased tracks. (Never released in any studio album*(1) or as singles*(2)).

All tracks (*3) are from the Beatles activity period: 1958 to 1969 / plus Anthology sessions: 1994/95.

*1 - exception to: 'Yellow Submarine in Pepperland ', 'Maggie Mae ', 'Her Majesty ', 'Tomorrow Never Knows /Within You Without You '.

*2 - exception to: 'Free As A Bird ', 'Real Love ' and 'Christmas Time (Is Here Again)' (1995/96 singles).

*3 - exception to: 'Now and Then' and 'Every Mother Comes Anytime' - solo collages.

The box comprises nearly 100% of THE Beatles original compositions and cover tracks unpublished or not officially released. Only few songs were left out: some covers/jam/short compositions with low quality-performance production.

The tracks consist of original Beatles material*. All overdubs are also extracted from original Beatles material.*

*Exception to:

- 'Now and Then'*(1) and 'Every Mother Comes Anytime' - collages of Beatles members solo careers and fan overdub (1).

- 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps ' - new arrangements (over the original demo) by George Martin for the Cirque du Soleil soundtrack,2006.

- 'Watching Rainbows' (only in the final part - jam) - added a bass overdub made by fan, using strictly the same Paul's model bass and strings.

- 'Hot As Sun' - features sea sounds*(1) overdub to fill in the problems of the original tape. (1) - extracted from the McCartney's Oobu Joobu radio show outtakes.

Notes 2:

- 'Sour Milk Sea' was composed and produced by George Harrison in 1968 for the singer Jackie Lomax. Performed by:

George Harrison : acoustic guitar, lead guitar (solo)

Paul McCartney : bass / Ringo Starr : drums

Jackie Lomax: vocals / Eric Clapton: lead guitar / Nicky Hopkins: piano

In the presented version was added the original Harrison vocal (extracted from the original demo) over the Lomax vocals.

- 'On the Bed' from Harrison's 'Wonderwall Music', recorded in 1968, during the Beatles activity period. Harrison produced, composed and played the piano and sitar on this track.

- 'Love In The Open Air' and 'Theme From The Family Way ' from McCartney's 'The Family Way (soundtrack)', recorded in 1966, during the Beatles activity period. The George Martin Orchestra perfomed Paul's compositions.

- 'Two Virgins ' shorts extracts from John Lennon (and Yoko) album 'Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins ', recorded in 1968, during the Beatles activity period. John play several instruments.

- 'Reeperbahn Bop' (My Bonnie and The Saints)*(1), 'Be-Bop-A-Lula'*(2) and 'Hallelujah I Love Her So'*(3) extracts from the instrumental parts performed by Beatles sung by other vocalists (1)Tony Sheridan, (2) Fred Fascher, (3) Horst Fascher.

We hope everyone will experience a magical mistery tour.

- The Producers
2017 - UK - Not For Sale!
A later Lost Album Boxed Set of 30 CDs was released. Below are the cover scans with track information.

Source: https://www.beatlesbible.com/forum/yesterday-and-today/pimp-your-stuff/the-beatles-the-lost-album-2017/

More info and scans here: