February 25, 2011

New Beatles Unsurpassed Promos Video Collection Remastered

Unsurpassed Promos Video DVDs

Due out soon is a collection of Beatles music videos (aka "promotional films"), which is set to replace all previous efforts you may know of, like the "Chronology" DVD's from Picture Perfect, the "Watching Rainbows" discs from Silent Sea, the "1967-1970" DVD from Beat, "The Beatles Video Collection Vol. 1-3" from the fake Apple company, the "1" DVD on an unknown label, "The Beatles by the Bushel" from New Depression Music, the Red and Blue video collections as well as the FAB Productions' Video Collection Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

The new DVD project is a 4 disc set under the title "Unsurpassed Promos" collecting not only all the Beatles' official promotional music videos from 1962-1970, but a version of every song they mimed to on tv, songs from their films and something like 350 still photos from the shootings of the promo films. Each video will be presented in the best quality available and every effort has been made to avoid videos that have station logos. The set will also include the last 30 minutes of "Let It Be" in stereo. The promos have been synched to the mono CD's, but whenever a promo features an alternate mono mix, that mix will be included as an audio option. Some of the videos have had to be pieced together from various sources in order to get the best quality. The fan behind the project is the same guy who gave us the "Unsurpassed Broadcasts" collection, as well as the "Empire Strikes Back" DVD and CD. Naturally, because of his reputation, when he announced his plans for this set, he was contacted by people who sat on superior material they offered for inclusion.

When "1" was released back in 2000, then head of Apple Corps Neil Aspinall was asked what the next step was, perhaps a collection of The Beatles' music videos? His answer was that "No, that would be too obvious". As you can see by the titles I have mentioned and linked to in this post, that statement made for a bootlegger's paradise, as does the absense of an official "Let It Be" DVD.
The "Unsurpassed Promos" project is made by fans, for fans, and for free. The 4-disc set will be leaked to internet download sites and traded among fans. Undoubtedly, bootleggers will rip the set and offer it for money somewhere along the line, but that's not something that can ever be avoided, neither with official nor unofficial products.

Speaking of fan made DVD's, the "Magical Mystery Tour Revisited" DVD has now been finished and will be out any day.

Here's an update on the Unsurpassed Promos DVD set we told you about earlier. The 4 disc DVD set is due out on the internet circuit at the start of November.
All tracks are mimed performances, except (*), the Let It Be stuff and some of the later 'concept' films. Sound is remastered mono except (=) which are stereo. Tracks marked (+) have two audio options. More information will be included in the released material.


Love Me Do
Please Please Me *
Twist And Shout
From Me To You
She Loves You
I'll Get You
This Boy
I Want To Hold Your Hand
All My Loving
I Wanna Be Your Man
'Till There Was You
Please Mr Postman
It Won't Be Long
You Can't Do That
Can't Buy Me Love
Roll Over Beethoven +
Long Tall Sally +
A Hard Day's Night *
And I Love Her +
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
If I Fell
I Should have Known Better
Tell Me Why
I Feel Fine
She's A Woman
Baby's In Black
Kansas City
She's A Woman
I'm A Loser
Rock And Roll Music
Bonus Track


Help! +
You're Gonna Lose That Girl
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
I Need You
The Night Before
Another Girl
Ticket To Ride +
I Feel Fine version 1 and 2 +
Help! +
We Can Work It Out versions 1 and 2 +
Day Tripper version 1 +
We Can Work It Out version 3 +
Day Tripper version 3 +
Paperback Writer/Rain (colour, with intro) +
Paperbacks writer (monochrome) versions 1-3 +
Rain (monochrome) versions 1 and 2 +
Bonus Tracks x 3 +
5.1 Slideshow


Paperback Writer film
Rain film
Penny Lane
Strawberry Fields Forever
A Day In The Life
All You Need Is Love (with intro)
Hello Goodbye (version 1: pepper suits)
Hello Goodbye (version 2: hippie clothes)
The Fool On The Hill
I Am The Walrus
Blue Jay Way
Your Mother Should Know
Hello Goodbye (version 3 - crazy outtakes)
Hey Bulldog
Lady Madonna (alternate)
Lady Madonna (original)
Revolution versions 1 and 2
Bonus Track


Hey Jude versions 1-3 (with intro)
Two Of Us =
Let It Be =
The Long And Winding Road =
Get Back =
Don't Let Me Down =
I've Got A Feeling =
One After 909 =
Dig A Pony =
Get Back =
The Ballad Of John & Yoko =
Something =
Bonus Track =
5.1 Slideshow

The set will be traded among collectors and distributed freely on download sites. Yes, it's not complete, there are promos missing. But we hear it will look a lot better than Chronology.

Source: http://theultimatebootlegexperience2.blogspot.com/2010/12/beatles-unsurpassed-promos-studio-years.html

February 20, 2011

New Beatles BBC 'Unsurpassed Broadcasts' Collection

Due to the surfacing of some new and some upgrades of the recordings The Beatles did for the BBC in 1962-1965, the old Beatles at the Beeb catalogue has gotten a facelift. It is being re-released in full, and is starting to appear as individual releases, packaged as bundled flac and cue files on the internet, together with artwork for those who still like to store physical media on their shelves. It is a 13 disc collection with the final disc being a CDROM filled with artwork.
 The releases is the undertaking of a single collector, who has done improvements to the material in the following fashion:

  • new and better versions of quite a number of songs were broadcast by the BBC last year and has been included, 
  • some vinyl-only bootlegs have been found to contain material in better quality than previous CD releases, 
  • audio equipment for the home computer has improved and has been put to good use in 'cleaning up' the sound quality. 
The standard catalogue for the Beatles BBC recordings has for the past few years been Purple Chick's The Complete BBC Sessions (upgraded for 2004), and this new set is called Unsurpassed Broadcasts. The first two volumes released thus far have been Vol. 2 and 3. They have been distributed freely on the internet, and if you have connections, I'm sure you will be able to find them. Here's the tracklists for the first released volumes:

Teenager's Turn rcd 7th March / txd 8th March 1962

1. Announcer
2. Dream Baby
3. Announcer
4. Memphis Tennessee
5. Announcer
6. Please Mr. Postman

Here We Go rcd 11th June / txd 15th June 1962

7. Announcer
8. Ask Me Why
9. Announcer
10. Besame Mucho
11. Announcer
12. A Picture Of You

13. Interview with Monty Lister part 1 (*)
14. A Taste Of Honey (excerpt from People And Places tv show **)
15. Interview with Monty Lister part 2
16. Love Me Do (single version)

Here We Go rcd 16th Jan / txd 25th Jan 1963

17. Chains (excerpts)
18. Please Please Me (incomplete)
19. Ask Me Why (incomplete)

Saturday Club rcd 22nd Jan / txd 26th Jan 1963

20. Some Other Guy
21. Announcer
22. Love Me Do
23. Please Please Me (excerpts)
24. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
25. Beautiful Dreamer

The Talent Spot rcd 22nd Jan / txd 29th Jan 1963

26. Ask Me Why

Here We Go rcd 6th March / txd 12th March 1963

27. Announcer
28. Misery
29. Announcer
30. Do You Want To Know A Secret?
31. Announcer
32. Please Please Me

Saturday Club txd live 16th March 1963

33. I Saw Her Standing There
34. Chat
35. Misery
36. Too Much Monkey Business
37. I'm Talking About You
38. Chat
39. Please Please Me
40. Hippy Hippy Shake

Easy Beat rcd 3rd April / txd 7th April 1963

41. Gerry Marsden & Brian Matthew
42. From Me To You

(*) Recorded for closed circuit broadcast to Cleaver and Clatterbridge hospitals on 27th October, 1962

(**) Recorded for the Granada television programme People And Places on 29th October 1962, and broadcast on 2nd November.

A 36-page booklet is included with this final release.

Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 2

Swinging Sound '63 recorded 18th April 1963 / txd live

1. Twist And Shout
2. From Me To You

Side By Side recorded 1st April 1963 / txd 22nd April 1963

3. Side By Side Theme (partial)
4. Chat / Do You Want To Know A Secret? (fragment)

Side By Side recorded 1st April 1963 / txd 13th May 1963

5. Chat
6. Long Tall Sally
7. Chat
8. A Taste Of Honey
9. Chains
10. Chat
11. Thank You Girl
12. Chat
13. Boys

Side By Side recorded 4th April 1963 / txd 24th June 1963

14. Side By Side Theme
15. Announcer
16. Too Much Monkey Business
18. Boys
19. Chat
20. I'll Be On Way
21. From Me To You

Saturday Club recorded 21st May 1963 / txd 25th May 1963

22. Announcer
23. I Saw Her Standing There
24. Chat
25. Do You Want To Know A Secret?
26. Boys
28. Long Tall Sally
29. Chat
30. From Me To You
31. Money

Steppin' Out recorded 21st May 1963 / txd 3rd June 1963

32. Please Please Me
33. I Saw Her Standing There

Pop Go The Beatles (1) recorded 24th May 1963 / txd 4th June 1963

34. Announcer
35. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
37. Do You Want To Know A Secret?
38. Announcer
39. You Really ot A Hold On Me
40. Misery
41. Chat
42. The Hippy Hippy Shake

Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 3

Pop Go The Beatles (2) recorded 1st June 1963 / txd 11th June 1963

1. Too Much Monkey Business
2. Chat
3. I Got To Find My Baby
4. Announcer
5. Young Blood
6. Announcer
7. Till There Was You
8. Chat
9. Baby It's You
10. Announcer
11. Love Me Do
12. Pop Go The Beatles (long theme)

Pop Go The Beatles (3) recorded 1st June 1963 / txd 18th June 1963

13. Pop Go The Beatles (short theme)
14. Announcer
15. A Shot Of Rythm And Blues
16. Chat
17. Memphis Tennessee
18. Chat
19. A Taste Of Honey
20. Announcer
21. Sure To Fall
22. Announcer
23. Money
24. Chat
25. From Me To You

Easy Beat recorded 19th June 1963 / txd 23rd June 1963

26. Some Other Guy
27. Chat
28. A Taste Of Honey
29. Thank You Girl
30. Announcer
31. From Me To You

Pop Go The Beatles recorded 17th June 1963 / txd 25th June 1963

32. I Saw Her Standing There
33. Announcer
34. Anna
35. Chat
36. Chat
37. Boys
38. Chat
39. Chains
40. Chat
41. P.S. I Love You
42. Chat
43. Twist And Shout
44. Announcer
45. Pop Go The Beatles (long theme)

Saturday Club recorded 24th June 1963 / txd 29th June 1963

46. I Got To Find My Baby
47. Chat
48. Memphis Tennessee
49. Money P
50. Till There Was You
51. Chat
52. From Me To You
53. Roll Over Beethoven

The Beat Show recorded 3rd July 1963 / txd 4th July 1963

54. A Taste Of Honey
55. Twist And Shout

Source: http://wogew.blogspot.com/2010/05/beatles-at-bbc-for-2010.html

Unsurpassed Broadcasts - Vol. 4

Volumes 4 and 5 of the new "remastered" Beatles radio sessions for BBC have been made available, and it is now revealed that the set will contain eleven volumes when complete, with Vol. 1 being the final release.

Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 4

Pop Go The Beatles (5) rcd 2nd July / txd 16th July 1963

1. Pop Go The Beatles (short version)
2. Announcer
3. That's All Right Mama
4. Chat
5. There's A Place
6. Announcer
7. Carol
8. Chat
9. Soldier Of Love
10. Announcer
11. Lend Me Your Comb
12. Chat
13. Clarabella

Easy Beat rcd 17th July / txd 21st July 1963

14. I Saw Her Standing There
15. Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
16. There's A Place
17. Twist And Shout

Pop Go The Beatles (6) rcd 10th July / txd 23rd July 1963

18. Chat
19. Sweet Little Sixteen
20. Chat
21. A Taste Of Honey
22. Announcer
23. Nothin' Shakin'
24. Announcer
25. Love Me Do
26. Chat
27. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
28. Chat
29. So How Come No One Loves Me
30. Announcer
31. Pop Go The Beatles (long version)

Pop Go The Beatles (7) rcd 10th July / txd 30th July 1963

32. Memphis Tennessee
33. Chat
34. Do You Want To Know A Secret?
35. Chat
36. Till There Was You
37. Chat
38. Matchbox
39. Announcer
40. Please Mr. Postman
41. Chat
42. The Hippy Hippy Shake
43. Announcer
44. Pop Go The Beatles (long version)

Pop Go The Beatles (8) rcd 16th July / txd 6th August1963

45. Pop Go The Beatles (short version)
46. Announcer
47. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
48. Chat
49. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
50. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey
51. Announcer
52. To Know Her Is To Love Her
53. Chat
54. The Honeymoon Song
55. Twist And Shout
56. Announcer
57. Pop Go The Beatles (long version)

Unsurpassed Broadcasts, Vol. 5

Pop Go The Beatles (9) rcd 16th July / txd 13th August 1963

1. Pop Go The Beatles (short version)
2. Announcer
3. Long Tall Sally
4. Announcer
5. Please Please Me
6. Announcer
7. She Loves You
8. Announcer
9. You Really Got A Hold On Me
10. Announcer
11. I'll Get You
12. I Got A Woman
13. Announcer
14. Pop Go The Beatles (long version)

Pop Go The Beatles (10) rcd 16th July / txd 20th August 1963

15. She Loves You
16. Announcer
17. Words Of Love
18. Announcer
19. Glad All Over
20. Announcer
21. I Just Don't Understand
22. Announcer
23. Devil In Her Heart
24. Announcer
25. Slow Down

Saturday Club rcd 30th July / txd 24th August 1963

26. Long Tall Sally
27. She Loves You
28. Glad All Over
29. Chat
30. Twist And Shout
31. Chat
32. You Really Got A Hold On Me
33. I'll Get You

Pop Go The Beatles (11) rcd 1st August / txd 27th August 1963

34. Ooh! My Soul
35. Chat
36. Don't Ever Change
37. Twist And Shout
38. Chat
39. She Loves You
40. Announcer
41. Anna
42. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues

Pop Go The Beatles (12) rcd 1st August / txd 3rd September 1963

43. Pop Go The Beatles (short version)
44. Announcer
45. From Me To You
46. I'll Get You
47. Chat
48. Money
49. Announcer
50. There's A Place
51. Honey Don't
52. Chat
53. Roll Over Beethoven

The new series of the Beatles broadcasts for BBC radio continues (see earlier postings) 

The Beatles: Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol 6

Non Stop Pop rcd 30th July / txd 30th Aug 1963

1. 'Pop Chat' interview with Phil Tate

Pop Go The Beatles (13) rcd 3rd Sept / txd 10th Sept 1963

2 Pop Go The Beatles (short version)
3. Announcerouncer
4. Too Much Monkey Business
5. Chat
6. Love Me Do
7. Chat
8. She Loves You
9. I'll Get You
10. Chat
11. A Taste Of Honey
12. Chat
13. The Hippy Hippy Shake

Pop Go The Beatles (14) rcd 3rd Sept / txd 17th Sept 1963

14. Pop Go The Beatles (short version)
15. Announcer
16. Chains
17. Chat
18. You Really Got A Hold On Me
19. Misery
20. Announcer
21. Lucille
22. Announcer
23. From Me To You
24. 'Brackets!'
25. Chat
26. Boys

Pop Go The Beatles (15) rcd 3rd Sept / txd 24th Sept 1963

27. Pop Go The Beatles (short version)
28. Announcer
29. She Loves You
30. Announcer
31. Ask Me Why
32. Announcer
33. Devil In My Heart
34. Chat
35. I Saw Her Standing There
36. Chat
37. Sure To Fall
38. Chat
39. Twist And Shout
40. Announcer / Theme From The Flowerpot Men
41. Pop Go The Beatles (long version)

Saturday Club rcd 7th Sept / txd 5th Oct 1963

42. Saturday Jump / Announcer
43. I Saw Her Standing There
44. Memphis Tennesse
45. Happy Birthday Saturday Club
46. Continuity / Announcer
47. I'll Get You
48. Announcer
49. She Loves You
50. Lucille
51. Announcer / Saturday Jump

Easy Beat rcd 16th Oct / txd 20th Oct 1963

52. Announcer
53. I Saw Her Standing There
54. Announcer
55. Love Me Do
56. Please Please Me
57. Chat
58. From Me To You
59. She Loves You

The Beatles: Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 7

Radio Newsreel rcd 16th Oct 1963 / txd 16th Oct 1963

1. Interview with Peter Woods

The Ken Dodd Show rcd 3rd Oct 1963 / txd 3rd Nov 1963

2. She Loves You

The Public Ear rcd 9th Oct 1963 / txd 3rd Nov 1963

3. Interview with Michael Colley

Saturday Club rcd 17th Dec 1963 / txd 21st Dec 1963

4. All My Loving
5. Chat
6. This Boy
7. All I Want For Christmas
8. I Want To Hold Your Hand
9. Till There Was You
10. Roll Over Beethoven
11. Chat
12. She Loves You
13. Crimble Medley

From Us To You (1) rcd 18th Dec 1963 / txd 26th Dec 1963

14. From Us To You
15. Announcer
16. She Loves You
17. Announcer
18. All My Loving
19. Roll Over Beethoven
20. Chat
21. Till There Was You
22. Chat
23. Chat
24. Boys
25. Money
26. I Saw Her Standing There
27. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
28. Chat
29. I Want To Hold Your Hand
30. Announcer
31. From Us To You

Saturday Club rcd 7th Feb 1964 / txd 8th Feb 1964

32. Malcolm Davis in New York
33. Interview with Murray The 'K'
34. Interviews with fans at Kennedy Airport
35. Arrival at Kennedy Airport
36. Interviews with fans outside Plaza Hotel
37. Beatles phone interview with Brian Matthew


Dateline London rcd 10th Dec 63 / txd early 1964

38. Interview with Dibbs Mather for the BBC Transcription Service

From Us To You (1) rcd 18th Dec 1963 / txd 26th Dec 1963

39. I Want To Hold Your Hand (1996 BBC edit)
40. I Want To Hold Your Hand (1996 edit with missing sections inserted)

So, Vol. 8 hits the internet. The collector responsible for these releases has plans to put together a booklet with text and photos to accompany the compact disc set eventually.

Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 8

Saturday Club rcd 7th Jan / txd 15th Feb 1964

1. All My Loving
2. Money
3. Chat
4. The Hippy Hippy Shake
5. Chat
6. I Want To Hold Your Hand (rcd 17th Dec 1963)
7. Roll Over Beethoven
8. Announcer
9. Johnny B. Goode
10. Announcer
11. I Wanna Be Your Man

Saturday Club rcd 22nd Feb / txd 22nd Feb 1964

12. Phone interview with Brian Matthew from London Airport

The Public Ear rcd 18th March / txd 22nd March 1964

13. Letter from listener / Ringo
14. George and Ringo request tk1
15. George and Ringo request tk2
16. John reads from In His Own Write
17. George and Ringo read the credits

From Us To You (2) rcd 28th Feb / txd 30th March 1964

18. From Us To You
19. Announcer
20.. You Can't Do That
21. Chat
22. Roll Over Beethoven
23. Chat
24. Till There Was You
25. Chat
26. I Wanna Be Your Man
27. Chat
28. Please Mr. Postman
29. All My Loving
30. Chat
31. This Boy
32. Chat
33. Can't Buy Me Love

Source: http://wogew.blogspot.com/2010/05/beatles-at-bbc-for-2010-part-4.html

34. Announcer
35. From Us To You

Saturday Club rcd 31st March / txd 4th April 1964

36. Announcer
37. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
38. Announcer
39. I Call Your Name
40. I Got A Woman
41. Chat
42. You Can't Do That
43. Chat
44. Can't Buy Me Love
45. Chat
46. Sure To Fall
47. Long Tall Sally

Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 9

From Us To You (3) rcd 1st May / txd 18th May 1964

1. From Us To You
2. Chat / Whit Monday To You
3. I Saw Her Standing There
4. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey
5. Chat
6. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
7. Chat
8. You Can't Do That
9. Sure To Fall
10. Chat
11. Can't Buy Me Love
12. Chat
13. Matchbox
14. Honey Don't
15. From Us to You

Top Gear rcd 14th July / txd 16th July 1964

16. Promo
17. Promo (outtake)
18. Long Tall Sally
19. Announcer
20. Things We Said Today
21. Chat
22. A Hard Day's Night
23. Chat
24. And I Love Her
25. Announcer's intro to album track
26. If I Fell
27. You Can't Do That
28. Announcer / Top Gear Theme

From Us To You (4) rcd 17th July / txd 3rd August 1964

29. From Us To You
30. Chat
31. Long Tall Sally
32. If I Fell
33. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
34. Chat
35. Things We Said Today
36. I Should Have Know Better
37. Chat
38. Boys
39. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey
40. It's For You (performed by Cilla Black)
41. Chat
42. A Hard Day's Night
43. From Us To You


From Us To You (4) recording session 17th July 1964

44. From Us To You (outtake)
45. From Us To You (no voice-over)
46. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (backing track)
47. I Should Have Known Better (false start)
48. I Should Have Known Better (no harmonica / single-tracked vocal)

Top Gear recording session 17th Nov 1964

49. I'll Follow The Sun (outtake)
50. Studio chat / I Feel fine (false start)
51. I Feel Fine (single-tracked vocal)
52. Studio chat

Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 10

Top Gear rcd 17th Nov / txd 26th Nov 1964

1. Chat
2. I'm A Loser
3. Chat
4. Honey Don't (edited by Transcription Services)
5. She's A Woman
6. Chat
7. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
8. I'll Follow The Sun
9. Chat
10. I Feel Fine

Saturday Club rcd 25th Nov / txd 26th Dec 1964

11. Announcer
12. Rock And Roll Music
13. Chat
14. I'm A Loser (rcd 17th Nov 1964)
15. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (rcd 17th Nov 1964)
16. Chat
17. I Feel Fine (rcd 17th Nov 1964)
18. Chat
19. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey
20. Announcer
21. She's A Woman (rcd 17th Nov 1964)

Pop Inn txd live 13th April 1965

22. Interview with Keith Fordyce

The Beatles Invite You To Take A Ticket To Ride rcd 26th May / txd 7th June 1965

23. Ticket To Ride (extract)
24. Announcer
25. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
26. I'm A Loser
27. Chat
28. The Night Before
29. Honey Don't
30. Chat
31. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
32. She's A Woman
33. Announcer
34. Ticket To Ride (with 'bye now' intro)


Top Of The Pops show 32 (*) rcd Spring 1965 / txd July 1965 (overseas only)

35. Chat
36. Chat
37. Ticket To Ride (with clean intro - rcd 26th May 1965)

British Information Service rcd 30th July 1965 / txd 1965

38. Interview with Dibbs Mather for the BBC Transcription Service (broadcast in the US only

Top Gear rcd 17th Nov / txd 26th Nov 1964

39. Honey Don't (unedited original version)

Additional details from the author: Volume 1 Recording Details-

These earliest recordings have never been the best, and most seemed to have been recorded from the AM service rather
than FM like a lot of the later ones... and usually with a mic-in-front-of-speaker recording technique.

However, I've squeezed the last scrap of fidelity out of these through some EQ, level fixes and a little bit of
noise reduction. The first two shows had a high pitched whistle which I've gotten rid of. Traditionally, 'Dream Baby' is
the first track broadcast and was listed that way by Howlett and Lewisohn, and also appeared that way when the show was first
bootlegged on vinyl. A remark by producer Peter Pilbeam that they performed Hello Little Girl and Memphis, and THEN Dream
Baby doesn't make much sense to me, since the announcer clearly says 'This time, John Lennon takes the vocal lead' before
Memphis Tennessee, implying that someone else had sang lead previously. They may well have performed the songs in
a different order during rehearsal, but in my mind at least there is no doubt that Dream Baby was the first track broadcast.

'A Taste Of Honey' is certainly from their October 29th 'People And Places' tv appearance since, as Paul points out in the Monty Lister
interview, that show had no audience whereas 'Here We Go' did (note the distinct absence of applause at the end of the
track). You'll notice that the song here is in a higher register than previously. The Beatles actually performed this
song in two different keys: G minor and F sharp minor. Since they play it in the higher key on the Star Club tapes,
and it sounds much more like Paul when sped up, I have put it in the higher key. I decided to insert it into the interview because
it fits nicely in context there. Obviously it wasn't broadcast that way.

Speaking of Monty Lister, I've included this here for its obvious historical interest, even though it wasn't a BBC
radio broadcast. Since this cd has been allowed to underrun in case more early material turns up, I thought I may as well
fill up the void with something! People And Places wasn't a BBC show either, but since it is often credited as being from
Here we Go I thought it best to include it. Love Me Do also seemed an obvious inclusion since Lister introduces it.

With the March 'Here We Go' appearance, we finally come to the high quality off-air recordings. However this still required a lot of
work, being riddled with head clogs and dropout.

The 'live' Saturday Club from March 63 is a problematic one. Orinally we were treated to a horrible recording on vinyl in the 80s, and
then a much clearer version on the Great Dane set which was periodically interrupted by loud buzzing noises. Ten years later Yellow
Dog went through and plugged the buzzes with bits from yet another tape, but the edits were pretty obvious so I've tried to smooth them
out a bit. Yellow Dog mistakenly replaced 'Too Much Monkey Business' with the version from Pop Go The beatles 2 (which then got copied over to the Purple Chick set) so I've restored the correct version from vinyl. 'I'm Talking About You' derives from a cd called 'Deflating
The Mythology' and is probably the best quality track (where are the rest???)