December 30, 2015

Beatles Perform Live For You For The New Year

The Beatles Live Cut
Live, television: It's The Beatles, 
3.45pm, Saturday December 7,1963

I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand
Live on Drop-In TV Show, Stockholm, Sweden. October 30, 1963

Can't Buy Me Love
NME Poll Winners' Concert, April 26, 1964, Empire Pool, Wembley, London

You Can't Do That Melbourne Australia 1964, recorded by local TV station GTV9

Hello Goodbye


Don't Let Me Down

Apple Corps Rooftop, 3 Savile Row, London, January 30, 1969

Beatles Catalog Goes on Streaming Services

Happy holidays from the Beatles: As of 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 24, the band’s music will finally be available on streaming services worldwide.

The group announced the news in a 35-second video featuring a medley of its biggest hits that kicks off to the sound of the 1963 single “She Loves You.” An accompanying news release simply said: “Happy Crimble, with love from us to you.”

However, the surviving members of the group, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, along with Universal Music Group, which controls the band’s recorded music, made no statements other than the fact that the Beatles’ catalog — 13 original albums and four compilations — will now be playable on nine subscription streaming music services: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Prime Music, Tidal, Deezer, Microsoft Groove, Napster/Rhapsody and Slacker Radio.

Known as singular holdouts in the digital era, the Beatles, the best-selling group of all time, resisted offering its songs on iTunes for more than seven years before coming to an agreement with Apple in 2010. “It’s fantastic to see the songs we originally released on vinyl receive as much love in the digital world as they did the first time around,” Mr. McCartney said at the time. The band sold 450,000 albums and two million individual songs in its first week on the service, according to Apple.

Now, streaming is the industry sea change too big to ignore. This month, Warner Music Group, one of the so-called big three label groups, said streaming revenue exceeded download revenue for the year. And other classic rock resisters have come around recently: AC/DC started streaming its music this summer, following Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd in 2013. (The Beatles were already available on Pandora, the Internet radio service, since it does not offer on-demand songs; a court decision recently raised the royalty rate for labels and performers on those services, known as pureplays. The band members’ solo material is also widely available.)

Modern artists, however, have started to resist streaming in certain rarefied cases. Taylor Swift, who helped persuade Apple Music to pay royalties during its free-trial period when she protested publicly, has not made her albums available on streaming services with a free tier, like Spotify, while Adele has so far kept her blockbuster “25” off streaming services altogether. The Beatles’ music will be available on the free and premium versions of services that have both.


December 27, 2015

New Beatles Let It Be Movie on Blu-ray

Complete Collection Featuring Fullscreen And Widescreen Edition With Subtitle Plus Original Movie Edtion And Get Back Sessions, Japanese TV Broadcast. HQ scans below.

SGT released in the definitive edition DVD set as the movie became a document of the Beatles last “Collector’s Edition of the ultimate” to “Let It Be”. Blu-ray edition of the long-awaited finally than Label! Widescreen, including 5.1 surround and full-screen editions of the highest quality COMPLETE FULLSCREEN AND WIDESCREEN WITH 5.1 SURROUND PLUS ORIGINAL MOVIE EDITION, GET BACK SESSIONS, in JAPANESE TV BROADCAST SGT.

BLU-RAY DISC SV-2014BD-1/2 main movie Extra video and a number of main movie of the original standard, version of the TV broadcast in Japan in ’84 with valuable additional time video and Get Back sessions including movie unreleased footage in chronological order also included further editions. Achieve the viewing of the highest quality to exist in the original Japanese with subtitles even on a large screen monitor by up-converted to high-definition image quality HD DVD picture quality when the original Blu-ray of this time. Were summarized in VOLUME quality and record up to related video and Get Back sessions over 40 minutes for a further 3 hours total of four patterns recorded movie “Let It Be” main two Blu-ray a “Collector’s Edition of the ultimate” I will deliver in pairs!
Included on the first full-screen edition with remastered stereo sound and picture quality of the highest quality in the current situation in the main movie [Blu-ray edition details] disk 1. We can say this version was recorded in 9 wide is the definitive movie main at the moment: 16 amount of information increases left and right becomes wider to 3 Standard 4: screen both ends are trimmed. Documentary that follows is a must-see video that has been recorded in high-quality precious scene of the movie other than this title. And 16 widescreen edition: there is a top and bottom trimmed with 9 wide screen display full version but it is displayed on the full screen on a wide standard TV size of the current. The 5.1 surround sound also included in the select. You can enjoy a sound etc. steric footsteps of the movie beginning to move from the back to the front when you play in a surround environment. Subtitle is ON / OFF can be selected course in the original Japanese with subtitles also Izure. The recorded movies in the main 3 Standard: 4 that had been put on the market in the LD and video once the disk 2. There are original Japanese subtitles switching also here. Recorded together followed by a naked-related such as video editing and another version in “Let It Be Extra”. It is a content not miss this. Included on time series, including a valuable document images of unreleased movie is over 40 minutes about 3 hours to “Get Back Sessions”. It would be a must-see as making collections of movie exactly. The complete recording from the video that has been recorded at the time the version “Japanese TV broadcast” that is TV broadcasting in Japan in ’84 it was not recorded in the DVD set last. It is a rare footage inferior to other versions but have now become as the TV version with subtitles in its own image quality. SGT capped very popular as a definitive edition of the movie “Let It Be”. Is a 2-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray becomes “containing all” ultimate exactly Do not miss this time adding video and full-screen DVD and subsequent DVD4 Disc label.

01. Introduction 02. Piano Improvisation 03. Don’t Let Me Down 04. Let’s Sing The Corny One 05. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 06. Shocktric Shocks 07. Two Of Us 08. I’ve Got A Feeling 09. Coming Down To The Faster 10. I’ve Got A Feeling 11. Oh! Darling 12. One After 909 13. Boogie Woogie Piano 14. Two Of Us 15. Across The Universe 16. Dig A Pony 17. Suzy Parker 18. I Me Mine 19. For You Blue 20. I Dig A Pygmy 21. Besame Mucho 22. Octpus’s Garden 23. Jamming With Heather 24. You Really Got A Hold On Me 25. The Long And Winding Road 26. Rip It Up / Shake Rattle And Roll 27. Kansas City / Miss Ann / Lawdy Miss Clawdy 28. Dig It 29. Talk About The Movie 30. Two Of Us 31. Let It Be 32. The Long And Winding Road 33. Rooftop Concert 34. Get Back 35. Don’t Let Me Down 36. I’ve Got A Feeling 37. One After 909 38. Dig A Pony 39. Get Back 40. The End NTSC Color 16:9 FULL SCREEN with Japanese Subtitle LPCM Stereo New Remaster / Original Movie Mono Soundtrack time approx. 80min. “LET IT BE” DOCUMENTARY NTSC Color 16:9 (4:3) with Japanese Subtitle LPCM Stereo time approx. 22min. “LET IT BE” WIDESCREEN&REMASTER EDITION 01 – 40. Movie Chapter (Same as Fullscreen Edition) NTSC Color 16:9 WIDE SCREEN with Japanese Subtitle LPCM Stereo Remaster / Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound time approx. 80min.
01 – 40. Movie Chapter (Same As All Movie Edition) LET IT BE EXTRA ALTERNATE VIDEO 41. Don’t Let Me Down – Movie Remaster 42. Dig A Pony – Movie Remaster 43. Don’t Let Me Down – Imagine Rough Cut 1988 44. Don’t Let Me Down – Imagine 1988 45. Don’t Let Me Down – Anthology Director’s Cut 1993 46. Don’t Let Me Down – Let It Be Naked 1999 47. Get Back – 1969 release remastered 48. Get Back – Anthology 1995 LET IT BE…NAKED 49. Get Back 1999 (Promo Video) 50. Trailer One 51. Trailer Two 52. Trailer Three 53. Long Trailer with captions 54. Long Trailer without captions 55. 30 second spots 56. Two Of Us 1999 (Promo Video) 57. Japan AD 58. Sony TV Special 59. Target AD NTSC Color 16:9 (4:3) with Japanese Subtitle Dolby Digital Stereo (Original Movie Mono Soundtrack) time approx. 144min. GET BACK SESSIONS 1. JANUARY 2ND 1969 (THURSDAY)Setup / Tuning – Dialog / Don’t Let Me Down/ Dialogue / I’ve Got A Feeling / Two Of Us 2. JANUARY 3RD 1969 (FRIDAY)Adios For Strings / Don’t Let Me Down/ All Things Must Pass Rehearsals / Feedback/ All Things Must Pass / Maxwell’s Silver Hamm 3. JANUARY 6, 1969 (MONDAY)Oh! Darling / Dialogue / Don’t Let Me Down Rehearsals/ Dialogue / Don’t Let Me Down / Dialogue – The Fight / Two Of Us 4. JANUARY 7, 1969 (TUESDAY)Get Back / Dialogue / Maxwell’s Silver Hammer/ Across The Universe / Dig A Pony 5. JANUARY 8, 1969 (WEDNESDAY)I Me Mine / Two Of Us / I’ve Got A Feeling/ All Things Must Pass Rehearsals / I Me Mine / Goodbyes 6. JANUARY 9, 1969 (THURSDAY)Two Of Us / Suzy Parker / I’ve Got A Feeling / One After 909/ Get Back / Tennessee / House Of The Rising Sun / Commonwealth/ Goodnight 7. JANUARY 10, 1969 (FRIDAY)Get Back / I’m Talking About You – George Quits / Jamming With Yoko 8. JANUARY 13, 1969 (MONDAY)Dialogue on filming 9. JANUARY 14, 1969 (TUESDAY) Piano Boogie / John and Yoko Interview for the CBC/ Peter Sellers Visits / Mal Tears Down Equipment 10. JANUARY 21, 1969 (TUESDAY) John Films Rock’n’Roll Circus Introduction/ My Baby Left Me / Dig A Pony Playback / Dig A Pony / Dialogue / Don’t Let Me Down 11. JANUARY 22, 1969 (WEDNESDAY)Dig A Pony / Dialogue / Billy Preston Arrives 12. JANUARY 23, 1969 (THURSDAY)Beatles Arrive at Apple / Billy Preston Arrives / Jamming with Yoko/ Billy’s Original / Get Back Rehearsal 13. Get Back Rehearsals I’ll Get You / Get Back / I’ve Got A Feeling / Help! / Please Please Me / Help! 14. Get Back Playbacks 15. JANUARY 24, 1969 (FRIDAY)Dialogue – Jamming / Get Back Playbacks / Dialogue 16. JANUARY 25, 1969 (SATURDAY) Two Of Us Rehearsals / For You Blue Rehearsals / Playbacks / For You Blue / For You Blue Rehearsal / Let It Be Rehearsals / Playback 17. JANUARY 26, 1969 (SUNDAY) Octopus’s Garden / Let It Be Rehearsals / Dig It / Shake Rattle And Roll / Miss Ann / Kansas City / You Really Got A Hold On Me / Jamming/ The Long And Winding Road 18. JANUARY 27, 1969 (MONDAY)Dig It Playback / Dialogue / Let It Be Rehearsals / Jamming / Break for Lunch/ Get Back – single recording / I’ve Got a Feeling 19. Januaray 28, 1969 (TUESDAY)For You Blue Playback / Get Back Playback / Jamming/ I’ve Got a Feeling / Every Day Is Like a Week / I Want You 20. JANUARY 29, 1969 (WEDNESDAY)Dialogue / All Things Must Pass / Besame Mucho 21. JANUARY 30, 1969 (THURSDAY)Discussion Before Rooftop ROOFTOP CONCERT – JANUARY 30, 1969 (THURSDAY)22. Rooftop Entrance / Rehearsal 23. Get Back 24. Don’t Let Me Down 25. I’ve Got A Feeling 26. One After 909 27. Dig A Pony 28. God Save The Queen 29. I’ve Got A Feeling 30. Don’t Let Me Down 31. Get Back 32. JANUARY 31, 1969 (FRIDAY) Two Of Us / The Long And Winding Road / Let It Be 33. Let It Be – with Movie Trailer 1970 NTSC 16:9 (4:3) Dolby Digital Stereo / Mono time approx. 220min. “LET IT BE” MOVIE JAPANESE TV BROADCAST 01. Japanese TV Opening and CM 02.-27. Movie Chapter 28. Intermission 29.-42. Movie Chapter 43. Japanese TV Ending Credit and CM
Movie Chapter (Same as Fullscreen Edition) NTSC Color 16:9 (4:3) inc.Japanese Subtitle Dolby Digital Stereo (Original Movie Mono Soundtrack) time approx. 88min

Here is "Don't Let Me Down" from the Rooftop Concert:

Here is the entire 23 minute rooftop concert to enjoy:

Here are some outtakes and chatter from the Let It Be movie as a bonus: